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Out Of State Residents Requesting A New Jersey Fingerprint Based Criminal Background Check

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Find an IN. Top FAQs. Learn More. Challenge My Record Click here to read more. Criminal History Services The Indiana State Police offers several services to those needing to interact with their criminal history records.

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Learn about It does not contain Federal arrests or arrests by agencies outside of Indiana. This report is used principally for a Criminal Record Review Challenge. Examples of these crimes include possession and distribution of drugs, firearms, kidnapping, embezzlement, and other major felonies. You can never be too safe. An international criminal search has got you covered by checking crimes and other legal infractions that have occurred in countries other than the United States. Our international criminal search service allows you to couple domestic and international criminal records to get a complete picture on your candidate.

Maintaining a safe environment for employees and customers is of prime importance for any organization.

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Our sex offender registry searches check all 50 states and identify candidates who are listed in sex offender registries. Trusted Employees conducts a single state or nationwide search based on your individual requirements.

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Our civil court search accesses civil litigation public record databases at the county court and federal level. Trusted Employees identifies candidates who may have litigious pasts or those who have been defendants in cases. The DOT requires very specific questions to be asked by Human Resources and the entire process can take up to 30 days to complete.

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This will show any current debts, bankruptcies, financial judgements and even payment history. Education Verification — This check makes sure applicants are not stretching the truth when it comes to earning a degree. High school, college, advanced degrees, as well as certifications can be confirmed. Professional Qualification Verification — This search makes sure professional licenses are valid.

It is appropriate for people in medical fields as well as accountants, engineers, attorneys, and real estate agents. Non-conviction records will only be reported for 7 years.

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  4. FCRA compliance is required for any employer using a third party for conducting a background check. If there are no hard and fast rules about how long a background check should take; each piece of the check has its own timeline. Many of the checks are even returned instantly.

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    Here is a breakdown of the timelines of the different types of background checks:. Several industries do require background checks, but it is important to note that laws can vary by state. In general, anyone working with children, the elderly, in financial positions, healthcare, government, and DOT regulated jobs should all expect to undergo a background check. Even if not mandated by law, in these industries especially, it is better to be safe than sorry. The risk of a negligent hiring lawsuit alone should be enough to make screening worthwhile.

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    If you are still wondering why background checks are necessary, these statistics should give you a good idea. Not only is there a monetary cost, but the damage to morale and loss of productivity that comes from hiring the wrong person can have a terrible impact on a workforce. There are even more costly reasons to make sure you know who you are hiring.