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It still is. For that you have to look to things like Burning Man. I am often I envious of my bisexual friends; they seem to have a much wider range of options. Why is this? The gay community defines itself entirely in terms of sexuality, as if a shared sexual preference implies a shared and unchanging cultural experience. Events like Burning Man, and the societies they create, define themselves as artistic communities.

The only thing that is a surprise to me is that this issue did not come up many years ago. It had a heavy focus on racism. Institutionalized racism is difficult to root out in the Castro and everywhere, but the challenge is worth it. The going is rocky and edgy and definitely has to be a group effort. We all have to be vigilant in the eradication of racism anywhere it raises its ugly head. I am a white male, and twice I have been refused entry to Badlands by separate doormen. Each time, the reason given for refusal to allow me inside was that I was too heavily intoxicated.

I received no reply whatsoever. Maybe we should all stop giving our business to these snobs and let them be exclusive unto themselves. I was surprised, to say the least, by Mr. On the other hand, Mr.

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I am more inclined now than before to believe that the evidence brought up so far is indicative of an intentional policy of discrimination. Yet we often do not take a stand and address these acts of discrimination.

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Alice B. Toklas firmly supports the efforts of the group, IsBadlandsBad. By bringing forth these allegations, many people who have experienced discrimination will now feel free to come forward and not feel alone or afraid. They fought it then, and though we should not have to fight those same batdes now, we will fight them, stronger than ever before, and we will work to have businesses respect each and every customer that walks through their doors.

If they do not, then we should not patronize them. I shop, on a regular basis, any one of two stores within a minute drive from my home. The proposed location is wrong, wrong, wrong. Joseph J. Titi Jr. It is just a matter of site practicality, not their products. The lot is too small. At the Safeway store there are at least four entrances and exits on larger width streets away from residences. Once the streets are blocked with traffic it will impede safety response.

There is an unfair disadvantage to the existing merchants by allowing increased parking at that site. San Francisco should have a proper environmental feasibility study for the 15th and Sanchez Street site reflecting public safety and the impact on neighboring residences as well as residential property values. Maybe more and longer red curbs will help those idle cars?

It boils down to the wrong site.

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John V. This murder has been near to my heart from the beginning.

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Yet this one was different. Aside from the obvious fact that she and I shared the same first name, this was a story that was nothing short of shocking in its brutality. This young woman was allegedly slowly killed over the course of several hours, during an intimate house party in Newark, California. I changed that day, likely forever. My work as a transgender activist - something I had been pursuing for roughly a decade at that time - became a passion.

Their dedication to seeing this case through, and their love for each other, is an inspiration. Recently I was.

We were heading over to her residence, which she is currently sharing with a relative. On the way there, she took us by one other house - the scene of the murder. The way much of the defense went was familiar to anyone who recalls nearly any other murder involving a gay or transgender person. Never mind that Araujo was murdered, and killing another human being is still a crime - even in these days of preemptive wars. Depending on whom you talk to, the jury either discounted the trans panic defense, or they hung because of it. You can find her on the Web at www.

The hotline - - is often busy, but callers who are persistent should be able to get through. Welcome to Sacramento big-time politics, Arnold.

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And in Washington, D. More on same-sex marriage:. Readers may remember the Bay Area Reporter's articles a few months back when San Francisco Chronicle City Hall reporter Rachel Gordon and her spouse, Chronicle photographer Liz Man- gelsdorf, were bounced from the gay wedding beat in March, after the longtime couple wed.

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In Berkeley, voters will weigh in on a measure that would extend additional protections to patients who use medical cannabis. For the full text of the initiative see www. The Oakland Civil Liberties Alliance succeeded in gathering 32, signatures - 12, more than needed to place the measure on the fall ballot. A poll taken this spring found that 70 percent of voters supported the initiative. In April, a U. California and eight other states currently have such laws. As Kirchner attempted to flee he was successfully detained by the transgender male who held him until police arrived.

Is SF-Badlands Bad? Like the wars that have preceded it, drama is the word of the day. Seems that a number of people have banned together to suggest that the owner of a several bars that cater to gay people in the Castro has any number of problems.


San Francisco reporter Matthew S. Bajko wrote an excellent piece for the Bay Area Reporter that provided a very full picture of the issues involved. After reviewing all of the materials provided by the group and reading Matthew's article I find all of this very, very suspicious. The people behind these complaints contend that the allegations are coming after a six month investigation. And, of course, they claim that their only goal is to make sure that there's justice in the world and blah-blah-blah-blah- blah. In that time, the place has remained pretty much the same.

I'm not buying it! There's concern by some that Natali will change the Pendulum into something other than a dump and thus drive out it's current customer base Unfortunately, the people behind this have chosen some pretty hot-button issues in order to affect getting this done.


The above is excerpted from Joefire. How exactly did the group do its research? There are many different shades of blackness. Before going public with such serious allegations, you need to do your homework first. Les has always treated me with the utmost respect and professionalism. The staff and I are in full support of Les Natali.

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We have requested a meeting with the Human Rights Commission to respond to the allegations. I have been a VJ at Badlands since Badlands is a video dance bar. We are also sometimes limited to certain genres based on subscriptions to multiple video services. The staff members of Badlands and Detour are a close-knit group of people that are almost like family. How many black bartenders are there in the Castro during the evenings at any bar? How many women? Don't blast me with mail pointing out the numbers - just note that whatever the number it's small If complaints are to be made on this score - why single out Natali?

Stated music policy against playing rap music That's not Natali's fault - the folks who spend money in that bar are clearly happy with the music Natali plays. No rap. And that's FINE with the folks who show-up. On if there is some funny business going on with checking the ID's, I strongly doubt that it's directed at folks based on race.

I don't. I think the person claiming it either lied or made it up or maybe they just out and out lied. But I don't believe it. I'm just not buying it. This whole thing rings to me as some kind of 21st Century shake- down.. The timeline is questionable; the investigation looks shady; and the fact that these people didn't offer Natali the opportunity for a sit-down before labeling him a racist - a very serious charge - is horrible.

But calling someone a racist -- that's heavy handed. And as racism does really still exist such a charge ought to only be made once every other possibility has been examined. To do this - these people should have - at a minimum - spoken with Natali.