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You may continue to receive:.

How Do I Register?

To stop these calls, you will have to ask the company not to call you again—preferably in writing. At that point, the company is legally required to honor your request. However, since the FTC has seen a significant increase in the volume of illegal sales calls, including from companies that flat-out ignore the DNC List.

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One reason for this is the rise of robocalling, a practice that is completely illegal for the purpose of sales. Robocalling is permitted only by political candidates and charities. Read up on ways to stop robocalls for good. If you receive a sales call despite being on the National Do Not Call List, or if you ever receive a sales robocall, you should hang up immediately, recommends the FTC.

Consumer Protection Fact Sheet - Do Not Call Consumer FAQ

In addition, the FTC encourages you to file a complaint. Remember that any company offering to take you off its call list by following directions pressing buttons, speaking to a live representative, etc. Also, keep an eye out for these other phone scams. So far, the FTC has sued hundreds of companies responsible for unwanted calls and has obtained over a billion dollars in judgments against violators.

National Do Not Call Registry | Iowa Attorney General

You can also register by visiting donotcall. The FTC urges everyone to register only their own number and to never pay anyone who claims they will register your number. You—and only you—should register your phone number with the DNC List. If you use the Do Not Call List link , you can register up to three phone numbers at any given time. The scope of the registry is limited, and there are loopholes that allow some types of calls to be permitted to all phones, whether the number is on the registry or not.

Calls are permitted from political organizations, non-profit organizations, telephone surveyors, informational calls, debt collectors, and companies that have an existing relationship with the consumer.

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The intent of these illegal calls is malicious, so callers are undeterred by your preference to not be bothered. There are plenty of reasons why a legitimate business might choose to ignore the Do Not Call Registry. For example, a realtor may want to drum up some business, and may not realize his or her phone calls are in violation of the law.

Further still, compliance is difficult and costly. Filtering phone numbers through the Do Not Call exemptions requires that businesses register, download the right data files, and parse their internal database. Data for the first five area codes is free; however, beginning on Oct.

Does the Do Not Call List Work for Cell Phones?

Thus, not only will telemarketers potentially lose revenue by excluding listed numbers, but they also could be spending thousands of dollars to do so. Even with these loopholes and business violations, consumers take an important step when they register for the Do Not Call List. Registering also gives you the ability to file a complaint against violators.

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  5. While a single complaint can seem like an ineffective way to fight against the widespread problem of robocalls, these complaints are looked at in aggregate. If there are a significant number of complaints accumulating against a single business, their violations are more likely to be addressed.

    Additionally, consumers should be aware that there are existing scams where the robocaller asks you if you want to add your number to the Do Not Call list.

    Treat those calls as you would any other phone scam ; hang up. The precaution of adding your number to the Do Not Call List is a helpful first step.

    Cell Phones and The Do Not Call Registry

    However, some state agencies recommend switching to a VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol phone service, which has the high-tech tools to help you fight back against telemarketers and unwanted phone calls. Ooma Premier is an advanced phone service providing its customers with revolutionary call-blocking technology that can stop scammers at the network level. Plus, users have full control to customize their call block settings to meet their individual needs.

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    Users can also customize their preferences by blocking known spammers that Ooma has identified, suspected spammers that have been flagged by NoMoRobo, anonymous callers who are blocking their Caller-ID information, or on your personal block list. For the ultimate protection, Ooma even gives users a contacts-only option! You can block calls based on their outgoing Caller ID name. For example, as the election season heats up, you can block calls that have a political party name in their Caller ID.