History of model car kits

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Once Bluefire Reader is installed and activated with Adobe you may download eBooks directly on your device using the download links provided on the confirmation page of your order, the confirmation email or in your CarTech account. World-leading authority Tim Boyd takes you through the entire era of muscle car kits, covering the options, collectability, variety availability, and value of these wonderful kits today.


Boyd also takes you through the differences between the original kits, the older reproduction kits, and the new reproduction kits many people find at swap meets today. Immerse yourself in all aspects of muscle car model kits with this detailed volume by author Tim Boyd, a world-leading authority on the subject.

Boyd walks you through the entire era of muscle car model kits, covering the options, collectability, variety, availability, and value of these wonderful kits today. He also shows the differences between original kits, older reproduction kits, and new reproduction kits that many enthusiasts find at swap meets today. In the s, model kit building was a huge hobby.

Kids built plastic kits of planes, tanks, race cars, spaceships, creatures from scary movies, you name it. Before baseball card collecting, Pok mon, and video games, model kit building was one of the most popular hobby activities. Car and airplane kits were the most popular, and among the car kits, muscle cars, as we know them today, were one of the most popular categories. Many owners of real muscle cars today were not old enough to buy them when the cars were new, of course. Yet kids of the s and s worshiped these cars to an extent completely foreign to kids today.

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If you couldn't afford or were too young to buy a muscle car back then, what could you do? For many, the next best thing was to buy, collect, and build muscle car kits from a variety of kit companies. Hundreds of different kits were made. Many of these kits have become collectible today, especially in original, unassembled form. Although people still build kits today, there is a broad market for collectors of nostalgic model kits.

People love the kits for the great box art, to rekindle fond memories of building them 40 years ago, or even as a companion to the full-scale cars they own today. If you are looking to build a collection of muscle car kits, interested in getting the kits of your favorite manufacturer or even just of the cars you have owned, this book will be a valuable resource in your model kit search.

Pages: Size: 8. What a great book! Collecting Muscle Car Model Kits brought me back to my childhood in the 60's and 70's. So many great memories! Working odd jobs, like mowing lawns, shoveling sidewalks, and collecting the deposits on pop bottles Hours spent with my cousins, poring over the "AutoWorld" catalog, dreaming of what kits and accessories we could buy.

Then the actual process of building and painting the models. What a great time! Tim Boyd has done a masterful job of compiling the information of the different companies and kits they offered.

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It's a history lesson that guys like me love. Model car scales run the gamut from as big as twice the size of the actual vehicle down to one to two inches in length. Car manufacturers use the larger scales of , , , , and to make prototypes of real vehicles, as these show much more detail than smaller scales.

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  5. The scale used for toys depends on the target audience. For example, models designed for small children might be as small as , 1: 40, or For older children, the scale may be , , or Many different materials have been used to make car models. The first models were made of either brass or lead, as these are easy to work with.

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    Some full-size models are made using the actual materials that the production vehicle will be made out of, though car-makers more often have sculpted wood and clay when making their concept models. Model kits are usually mostly plastic, with some parts, like axles, being metal. There have also been rare occasions when resins have been used to make model cars.

    The hobby is going strong these days, to the point where there are conventions similar in size to those for Star Trek fans. Still others will buy two kits and mix and match the parts to make a customized result. Some major model car manufacturers even sell modification kits that can help people turn existing kits into something more unusual, like making a Buick Riviera kit into a Mad Max -style war machine. All About Model Cars Collecting and building model cars is a hobby that transcends age and gender.

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