How to find out motherboard information

It is not recommended to replace any hardware if you are not familiar with your motherboard as it can cause incompatibilities and malfunction. Identifying the motherboard model gives you information about the brand, chipset, and manufacturer. The simplest way to see motherboard model is through the Command Prompt.

Every Windows computer has it, and you can access it in different ways.

System Information is also a good place to check all other essential information about your system and hardware. Not many people use the DirectX Diagnostic Tool because it requires a lot of manual research once you find your basic information.

What Motherboard Do I Have? Find Out Motherboard Info with This Simple Guide

However, if none of the other methods bears fruit, try using this. If you want more information or an alternative way to access it, you can download some of the many available third-party apps. Most of these utilities will give you a detailed overview of your hardware components and may come quite handy. CPU-Z gathers all the details about the essential components of your system. And with OEM PCs and laptops, it's not always as straightforward as checking the box of your motherboard's box. Probably the quickest and easiest way to discover your motherboard model is by using Windows' own System Information utility.

Windows 10 users can access this menu by going to Start and typing "System Information" and selecting the application.

Find Your Motherboard Brand and Model

Not only are third-party system profile apps usually free, but they offer a wealth of in-depth system information all in one place. The most popular of these, and arguably the best, is CPU-Z , which you can download here.

Another excellent piece of software for identifying your motherboard model while also offering a host of other information is Belarc Advisor. Like CPU-Z, it analyzes a system to build a profile of your installed hardware but also includes a summary of your system's software. It even shows Microsoft hotfixes and missing security updates.

Another difference is that the findings are presented in your web browser. You can download the latest version of Belarc Advisor here. You can choose to skip specific steps like your network scan. Once the steps are complete, Belarc will open the results in a browser tab.

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The results include information about your operating system, hardware components, connected devices, and login sessions. However, to view your motherboard summary, look for the heading on the right that says Main Circuit Board. The exact location of the model name on your motherboard will differ according to its layout and brand.

Even the check we performed on two ASUS motherboards found that the model number was located in slightly different locations for each.

How To Identify Your Motherboard in Windows 10

The model of your motherboard is usually found where there is enough space for the large text to be printed. Well, here's what you need to know about motherboards. Read More. You can tell the model name apart from other text because it is usually the largest text on your motherboard. Another place you can find your motherboard model information is on the box it came in.

Of course, this is only if you still have it lying around.

System Information

A label on the outside of the box will include the model and serial number. Additionally, a sticker on the back of the motherboard often provides the serial number. However, this is the hardest part to get to if your motherboard is already installed. Next, type in the following command:. This will bring up a summary of your motherboard, including its brand, model, and serial number. If you are using a virtual machine, the product name will identify this.