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There are also key differences in the appeals processes and court limits surrounding small claims courts and civil courts in Nevada. Pretrial discovery is not allowed in small claims cases, but is allowed in civil court.

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A person may also hire a lawyer to represent them and file papers for them in civil court, but not in small claims court. Either party may appeal a decision made in civil court, but only the defendant may appeal in small claims court. The Nevada Open Records Act was introduced in , with the most recent amendment coming in This Act ensures that residents of the state have the fundamental right to access all public records. Any record held by the local or state government can be accessed and copied by the public, unless prohibited by law.

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This promotes a sense of transparency and safeguards the accountability of the government. Nevada State Records StateRecords. Nevada Court Records First Name:. Last Name:.

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How do Nevada Courts work? These filings and docket sheets should not be considered findings of fact or liability, nor do they necessarily reflect the view of Justia.

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Cases 1 - 10 of Stutts v. Lyon County et al Filed: September 5, as cv Plaintiff: Jeremy Lee Stutts.

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Not Used Filed: September 4, as cv Fuentes et al v. Plaintiff: Suzana Montoya, M.

Laughlin v. Lyon County et al Filed: October 2, as cv Plaintiff: Sean Laughlin.

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Gepson v. Sceirine et al Filed: May 7, as cv Plaintiff v.

Defendant Filed: January 4, as cv Plaintiff: Plaintiff v. Defendant and others. Defendant: Plaintiff v. Garmong v.