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One post or comment can cause a firestorm of bad press. This makes social media searches a bright idea for any job applicant. Social media searches are free. You can clean up your online profiles for free or hire someone to do it for you. No, just search for yourself and look over your social media profiles. Pay attention to photos and comments associated with your profile.

Yes, a professional online presence is essential to impress employers. The first thing you need to check in person is your court records. Many individual courthouses have criminal records unavailable anywhere else. That makes comprehensive criminal record checks a priority for both employers and employees. Some courts charge access fees for criminal records, but fees are economical. Visiting individual courthouses in person takes time and effort.

Yes, if you have a criminal record. Verifying references, work history, and education is crucial for employers.

Reviewing these details ensures you have the right answer to any application question. You can review your references by following these steps:. But, certain colleges charge a fee for sending transcripts. Is it difficult? No, you just have to make some phone calls.

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Yes, reviewing references confirms important details on your application. Credit reports show how fiscally responsible you are. Here are some tips for running a credit report on yourself:. Additional credit reports may cost a small fee. No, you just fill out a form online. While you can run all these background checks yourself, it takes a lot of time and effort.

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Can using a background check company cut down on the hassle? Using a background check company will cut down on the time and work you need to do a background check. If you want to see what your employer sees, use a screening company and review their results. You can find the right screening company by answering these questions:.

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  • No, but it can take some time to find the right company. Yes, using a background check company shows you what your employer will see. It simplifies your work by offering all the checks you need in one place.

    What Is Included in an Employee Background Check?

    But, what checks should you run through a screening company? The job you apply for determines which background checks you should run. Focus on checks related to the job you want. Here are some of the most common background checks:. Verify that everything is true. Make sure that they change any incorrect information. After the screening company investigates, they should send you the corrected results.

    Prepare yourself for any questions they may ask about it. Running background checks seems like a lot of work. Is all this really worth it? Running a background check does take effort, but it prepares you for what your employer will find. You will be able to handle any issues that come up. You will also be prepared to answer tough questions related to your background check results. Background checks show you if something is inaccurate. You can then resolve incorrect information before it panics your prospective employer.

    Doing a background check in advance improves your chances of getting the job you want. So, which screening company is best for your needs? Plenty of employers run background checks, and most get fantastic benefits from it. Get in on the benefits by running your own background check first. While you can find a lot of the same information by doing your own background check, it takes more time. The various fees can also add up.

    Contracting a background check company to do the checking for you will save you time and money. A screening company also includes only the information that your employer can see.

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    But, where can you find the best company to run a background check on yourself? But have you considered running your own background check? Chances are, your new employer will run a background check before finalizing the deal. What information will your new employer learn on your background check?

    Dirty deeds are uncovered dirt cheap with these background check resources

    Still, finding out what a future employer will see on your background report makes sense. Typical employment background checks include the following personal information:. Yet you could be in for an unpleasant surprise. You may have been a victim of identity theft, or you might share a name and even a birth date with someone who has a shady reputation.

    How to Run a Personal Background Check on Yourself

    You can discover some of that with a simple Google search. Running your own background check is a more comprehensive way to take control of your job search. Finding out about any errors gives you the opportunity to correct the information. And half of all employers surveyed say they disqualify applicants who lie. Still, not all discrepancies are intentional.

    Dates of employment may be open to interpretation. Best for Very Small Businesses. Best for Household Employers. Best Technology. Summary GoodHire has everything a small business could need from a background check provider, offering comprehensive reports at affordable rates. Its online portal allows users to quickly and conveniently access their background check reports in one place. GoodHire serves several industries, including construction, healthcare, nonprofits, retail, staffing and technology.

    This agency offers three preset search packages. The searches performed in each plan are tiered, with the most advanced package including a Social Security number trace and associated counties, if applicable , national criminal databases search, sex offender list search, domestic watch list search, a county criminal court search which examines the past seven years , education verification and employer verification. Users can add on extra searches, such as professional license verification, employment credit report checks, drug screenings, healthcare sanctions checks and motor vehicle records checks.

    GoodHire has a one-time setup fee; it does not hold you to a monthly minimum. Background checks take, on average, one to four days to complete, which is in keeping with industry standards. Registering your account with GoodHire is a simple process.

    Best background check services

    After your business is verified, you can order as many or as few screenings as you need.